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A bankruptcy discharge papers in court case file confirms that court relieves a debtor for any existing legal debt obligation to certain creditors at the time of filing bankruptcy. After court case discharge it is advised to retain an authentic official court bankruptcy papers, dismissal papers, or final decree to prove that your case is finished.

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Texas Bankruptcy Records - Susan - Texas - 08/16/2014

I spent 2 days on the phone with a total of 12 messages to my attorney and have not yet received a return call. In utter frustration I decided to see if there was some way I could secure the court documents myself. I went on line and discovered this website and it was a blessing. For a mere $27.00, I got a copy of the paperwork I needed within a couple of hours and was able to forward it to my mortgage banker so I can get my home refinanced.

You're a lifesaver - thanks!

Bankruptcy Discharge Records ~ Denise Phillips ~ Louisiana - 05/24/2014

I couldn't find my discharge papers cause I've moved twice since I've received them. I need my papers to get another car cause it wasn't update on my credit report. I received my copy within 3 hours and 24/7 is real cause it was late in the afternoon so thank you so much.

Denise P ~ Louisiana

Bankruptcy discharge Records Hawaii ~ E Coloma - 05/13/2014

I imagined my Lawyer as the only other person that would have a copy of these documents. I've left message after message for him to call regarding this matter, even if I had to pay again. No success. I searched the internet for any other possible way I could get it. I've run into you ad. I've been burnt once or twice using the internet to buy things but Pay Pal kind of made me secure in doing it(I needed these Documents).

Your response after we corrected the dates was fast and again thanks for the information. It might be too late now but I'll keep it safe for next time.

I would recommend your services to anyone who needs the same services as I did.

E Coloma ~ Bankruptcy discharge Records Hawaii

Bankruptcy Discharge Records ~ Florida ~ Jim ~ 03/11/2014

I checked several other sites and either the task of ordering the bankruptcy transcripts were going to take several days and it was going to cost considerable more for the same documentation. I had the complete file sent to me in less than six hours. Excellent service at a very reasonable rate. Thank you.


Bankruptcy Discharge Papers - V Masttson ~ Pennsylvania 02/22/2014

I needed a copy of my bankruptcy forms and to get them from the attorney would have cost $100. When I saw the cost on this web site I was astounded. They promised that I would receive the forms via email within 6 hours and I did. I cannot thank this website enough for the help I have received

V Masttson ~ Pennsylvania

Arizona Bankruptcy Records - Scott E - Arizona - 02/13/2014

I originally submitted my request for documents using an electronic check through PayPal. Philip e-mailed me and let me know that based on my method of payment, the documents would not be received until the check cleared. He suggested that I revise the payment method to Debit Card so that the documents could be received sooner.

I changed the payment method and received the documents within 15 minutes.

Your website was easy to navigate, the fees were reasonable, and the customer service provided by Philip was outstanding.

Thank you!  Philip.

Bankruptcy Discharge Records - R Jones - Oklahoma

I went on the site at 3:15am and by 3:42 am I had the document I needed. That just knocked my socks off!
Thank you guys very much...

Thank You Team at BankruptcyLive.com 01/09/2014

Bankruptcy Court Records - J Martin-New York

Today, December 30th, I accessed the site to retrieve copies of a complete bankruptcy file since the original documents were misplaced when I moved 2 years ago. Although I had hoped that I could find them, the reality was that I couldn't, which is why I contacted your site.

All I can say is WOW! When I ordered the documents, I was content to receive the items within the 6 hour time frame that was noted. However, and much to my absolute joy, I received them within an hour of placing my order!!!

What can I say except that you guys ROCK!

Thank you, thank you and THANK YOU! You made my life easier and I am grateful.

Thank you! 

Wilda S ~ Ohio

I could not be more pleases with how fast I got the report I ask for. I was suppose to have it in 1-6 hours and I had it in about 10 minutes. And this was on New Years Day..If you need Bankruptcy papers this is the place to get it.

Wilda S. Ohio

R Lara ~ Chula Vista, CA

In this day and age, with the internet... lots of scams, WOW! It was so refreshing to see that your site was HONEST AND DELIVERED.
You did exactly what you said you'd do. My file was accurate... YES IT WAS ME.... I printed and I'm very happy , My loan agent is VERY HAPPY!

Thank You, R Lara

L Philip ~ San Leandro, CA

That was absolutely the fastest turn around time for legal documents I have ever seen. I would recommend this service to anyone who needs to get Bankruptcy papers or records.

Thank you so much!
L Philip

Illinois Bankruptcy Court Records

I was checking out this site for a family member. I wanted to be sure it was not a scam and was legit. I can personally attest that the request I made, which was completed within 30 minutes was safe and secure. I had direct interaction with a Customer Service Representative who was efficient, honest and kind. After being a Customer Service Manager in a Contact Center for over 15 years I am stunned and impressed with the response I experienced from bankruptcylive.com. I will be recommending this to my family member.

Thank you – Patrick F~ Illinois

Bankruptcy Discharge Records Ohio

Unbelievably fast and perfect records! I spent an hour on google and in the court website looking for copies and was completely lost and unsuccessful. Then 20 minutes after ordering from you, I had a perfect copy sent to my email! Thank you! ~T Vinci~Ohio

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