Hello, I’m Hillary, the creator and author behind  

I’ve dedicated this space to empowering individuals with knowledge about bankruptcy – a topic often shrouded in confusion and misconceptions. My journey into understanding the intricacies of bankruptcy law began when I realized how many people were struggling to navigate this complex process. I decided to use my passion for research and education to demystify bankruptcy for the everyday person. 

At, you’ll discover straightforward, comprehensive information about everything from understanding the types of bankruptcy and the intricacies of discharge papers and orders, to life after bankruptcy and debunking common bankruptcy myths. 

My aim is to make your go-to resource for all things bankruptcy-related. Whether you’re considering filing for bankruptcy, are in the midst of the process, or are trying to rebuild post-bankruptcy, I hope the information you find here helps guide you through your journey. 

Remember, knowledge is power – and it’s my mission to arm you with that power.  

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