Bankruptcy Discharge Papers – Susan – Texas

Bankruptcy Discharge Papers – Susan ~ From Texas

I spent 2 days on the phone with a total of 12 messages to my attorney and have not yet received a return call. In utter frustration I decided to see if there was some way I could secure the court documents myself. I went on line and discovered this website and it was a blessing. For a mere $27.00, I got a copy of the paperwork I needed within a couple of hours and was able to forward it to my mortgage banker so I can get my home refinanced.

You’re a lifesaver – thanks!

Susan.~ Texas bankruptcy records

Bankruptcy Records James M. ~ From Texas

Bankruptcy Records James M. ~ From Texas

I actually made a mistake and requested the wrong file, I appreciate the fact that since I had to make a second purchase that you refunded the amount of the original request to me.

However I am extremely pleased with the product, the turnaround time and the fantastic customer service provided.

Not having these documents may have meant not being approved for a mortgage, time was critical and you really over delivered on your 2-8 hour estimate.

Special thanks to Joe Dindo

Thanks again,
James M..