Get Copy of Bankruptcy Discharge Records – U.S. Court Records

Bankruptcy discharge records from Bankruptcy Court confirms that judge relieves / dismiss a debtor for any existing legal debt obligation to certain creditors at the time of closing bankruptcy. After bankruptcy case is finished it is advised to retain an authentic official bankruptcy court records, dismissal papers, or final decree to prove that your bankruptcy is finished.

Bankruptcy order is normally 2 to 3 page discharge papers and includes:

01. Bankruptcy Papers

The most important discharge papers in the actual is discharge order of the bankruptcy judge. This actual order of the court contained in bankruptcy discharge papers relieves the debtor from all existing liabilities / debts listed in the bankruptcy petition filed.

It bears Signature of Judge and 2nd page clarifies debts that are discharged and debts not discharged.

02. Explanation of Bankruptcy Discharge Order

This page of explains to creditors that collection of certain debts is now prohibited. It also clarifies that what type of debts are discharges and debts that are not discharged.

03. Certificate of Service

This page is an additional page sometimes attached to discharge papers and confirms that court has served this order to debtor, attorneys, all creditors listed in the bankruptcy case and related parties informing that debtor under bankruptcy is discharged.

Why you need copy of official authentic bankruptcy papers:

1. To apply for new loans or credits

2. To apply for fresh mortgage

3. To update your credit report

You will get bankruptcy discharge papers by email within 1 to 6 hours same day depending upon the volumes.

You need to take the next step to how to get copy of your bankruptcy papers OR , dismissal, or final decree.
to prove that your court case is finished.