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Do not have copy of your official bankruptcy court records? No Worries. Now you can get bankruptcy discharge papers online within 1 hour at lowest cost for $9.00 only.

You can obtain copy of authentic bankruptcy discharge records, from public court records for court case after discharge, Bankruptcy discharge order, proof of discharge / dismissal records, list of creditors discharged and complete bankruptcy file from county, state and federal court file. OR 100% Money Back Guaranteed.

U.S. Bankruptcy Court public discharge papers and documents are readily available after your case is discharged. You may have copy of bankruptcy records and bankruptcy discharge papers in your possession within 1 hours of your order.

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Rhode Island Bankruptcy Records

Rhode Island Bankruptcy Records ~ Deb ~ RI
Excellent service!! Report sent within 2 hours   Thank you! ~ Deb.

Bankruptcy Court Records - J Casserly - Massachusetts

Bankruptcy Court Records - J Casserly - Massachusetts
Thank you J:-) Bankruptcylive Team

Bankruptcy Court Records - R Jones - Oklahoma

Bankruptcy Discharge Records - R Jones - Oklahoma
I went on the site at 3:15am and by 3:42 am I had the document I needed. That just knocked my socks off!
Thank you guys very much...

Thank You Team at

Arizona Bankruptcy Records - Scott E - Arizona

Arizona Bankruptcy Records - Scott E - Arizona - 02/13/2014
I originally submitted my request for documents using an electronic check through PayPal. Philip e-mailed me and let me know that based on my method of payment, the documents would not be received until the check cleared. He suggested that I revise the payment method to Debit Card so that the documents could be received sooner.

I changed the payment method and received the documents within 15 minutes.

Your website was easy to navigate, the fees were reasonable, and the customer service provided by Philip was outstanding.

Thank you!  Philip. .

Bankruptcy Discharge Papers - Susan

Bankruptcy Discharge Papers - Susan ~ From Texas
I spent 2 days on the phone with a total of 12 messages to my attorney and have not yet received a return call. In utter frustration I decided to see if there was some way I could secure the court documents myself. I went on line and discovered this website and it was a blessing. For a mere $27.00, I got a copy of the paperwork I needed within a couple of hours and was able to forward it to my mortgage banker so I can get my home refinanced.

You're a lifesaver - thanks!

Susan.~ Texas bankruptcy records

Bankruptcy Discharge Papers - V Masttson ~ Pennsylvania

Bankruptcy Discharge Papers - V Masttson ~ Pennsylvania
I needed a copy of my bankruptcy forms and to get them from the attorney would have cost $100. When I saw the cost on this web site I was astounded. They promised that I would receive the forms via email within 6 hours and I did. I cannot thank this website enough for the help I have received
V Masttson ~ Pennsylvania

Bankruptcy Discharge Records ~ Florida ~ Jim

Bankruptcy Discharge Records ~ Florida ~ Jim
I checked several other sites and either the task of ordering the bankruptcy transcripts were going to take several days and it was going to cost considerable more for the same documentation. I had the complete file sent to me in less than six hours. Excellent service at a very reasonable rate. Thank you.


Bankruptcy discharge Records Hawaii ~ E Coloma

Bankruptcy discharge Records Hawaii ~ E Coloma
I imagined my Lawyer as the only other person that would have a copy of these documents. I've left message after message for him to call regarding this matter, even if I had to pay again. No success. I searched the internet for any other possible way I could get it. I've run into you ad. I've been burnt once or twice using the internet to buy things but Pay Pal kind of made me secure in doing it(I needed these Documents).

Your response after we corrected the dates was fast and again thanks for the information. It might be too late now but I'll keep it safe for next time.

I would recommend your services to anyone who needs the same services as I did.

E Coloma ~ Bankruptcy discharge Records Hawaii

Bankruptcy Discharge Records ~ DeniseP ~ Louisiana

Bankruptcy Discharge Records ~ Denise P ~ Louisiana
I couldn't find my discharge papers cause I've moved twice since I've received them. I need my papers to get another car cause it wasn't update on my credit report. I received my copy within 3 hours and 24/7 is real cause it was late in the afternoon so thank you so much.
Denise P ~ Louisiana

Bankruptcy discharge papers ~ Robbie ~ MA

I was very skeptical with this service, because some other web sides were advertising the same service for free but when I went to their web side the documents were not offer for free. I think the service this guys provided is excellent and a fair price, what the promise the delivered, I got my document within two hours via e-mail.I will recommend this guys, they are awesome.
Thanks! Robbie H.

Arizona bankruptcy records T Hillstrom

I would like to thank for the wonderful service they provide. I have been trying to obtain a copy of my bankruptcy file on and off for the past 2 years. Every lead led me nowhere fast. Calling the courthouses was futile, frustrating and exhausting. Finally an attorney told me about and I had my WHOLE file in less than an hour! I couldn’t believe it. And right in the comfort of my home. THANK YOU BANKRUPTCYLIVE.COM!!!
Arizona bankruptcy records ~ T Hillstrom.

Bankruptcy Records Angie S ~ From Ohio

Bankruptcy Records Angie S ~ From Ohio
This was a very fast and easy experience. would highly recommend this website to friends and family. Thank you very much!
Angie S.~ Ohio bankruptcy records

Bankruptcy Records Denise ~ From Colorado

I am extremely pleased with this service. The representative was very cordial, and I received all of my documents in less than an hour. I would highly recommend this service to others.
Colorado bankruptcy discharge records ~ Denise

Bankruptcy Records Kevin ~ From NH

Very quick simple efficient service.
I received the reports I need within 1/2 hour of my request. This was out side of normal business hours 8pm and 6am local East Coast time.
I suppose the only complaint I can really say is that its not free but you wouldn’t expect something like this to be free. The price is reasonable. The service was outstanding. Overall value was very good ( only deducted a few points based on price)
I don’t think you going to find anything quicker. Bottom line – this is a worthwhile service should one need copy of the documentation and without the need for scanning docs etc.

Kevin~ New Hampshire bankruptcy records

Bankruptcy Records John K. ~ From Indiana

Thanks your service is great. But what impress me the most was the professional attitude and promptness in response.
~John K.~ Indiana bankruptcy records

Bankruptcy Records Lenora A. ~ From Michigan

I am very pleased with this service. Somehow I had misplaced the bankruptcy discharge document that was sent to me in 2010. I requested the document from this site for just $9.00 and within about a few hours, it appeared as requested in my email box! Thank you for providing such good and fast service! I am completely satisfied.
~ Lenora A. ~ Michigan bankruptcy records

Bankruptcy Records North Carolina – L Bryant

L. Bryant~North Carolina
You are always nervous when dealing with online businesses. You don't know who is on the other end of the computer, maybe its legitimate, maybe not. You feel like your gambling. Well I can tell you that is 100% Legitimate. They had trouble locating my records over a weekend (due to court system was down) and INSTANTLY refunded. My Monday, I contacted them on Monday to give them another shot due to their professionalism and trust built from the first transaction and they gathered my records within MINUTES!!! Literally I had my records within 5 minutes of payment. They are legit and actually back what they claim. I needed these papers for my mortgage application and my lawyer couldn’t be reached. could, 24/7!!!

Bankruptcy Records North Carolina -L Dailey

L Dailey~North Carolina

I needed a copy of my bankruptcy discharge papers so I decided to order the $9.00 copy from Bankruptcy, and I was totally satisfied with the service that they provided, I had my discharge papers within 10 minutes of ordering them. I also got a very nice and personal email from the gentleman who obiously processed the transaction. I say THANKS and job well done, can’t go wrong here.

Larry Dailey

Bankruptcy Records R Lonie ~ From California

I recently ventured out to use Bankruptcy live online site to buy my old bankruptcy records. I found through a Google search and was quite impressed by wide range of services for consumers after bankruptcy at reduced prices as compared to normal market prices within same amount of turnover time. I did receive my bankruptcy papers within 35 minutes of placing my order. I wish great success to team and highly recommend this site and service.
R Lonie ~ CA bankruptcy records

Bankruptcy Records James M. ~ From Texas

Bankruptcy Records James M. ~ From Texas
I actually made a mistake and requested the wrong file, I appreciate the fact that since I had to make a second purchase that you refunded the amount of the original request to me.
However I am extremely pleased with the product, the turnaround time and the fantastic customer service provided.
Not having these documents may have meant not being approved for a mortgage, time was critical and you really over delivered on your 2-8 hour estimate.
Special thanks to Joe Dindo
Thanks again,
James M..

California Bankruptcy Records-Cassandra

California Bankruptcy Records ~ Cassandra ~California
Got my discharge letter in less than an hour! Thank you
I recommend

California Bankruptcy Records – CLAUDIA B.

California Bankruptcy Records ~ CLAUDIA B.~CALIFORNIA
Awesome AND Quick Service…Thank You Very Much Vincent!
I recommend


California Bankruptcy Records Damon L

California Bankruptcy Records ~ Damon L~ California
I was amazed at the lightning quick service I received. I placed my order and expected to recieve my much needed paperwork in the 3-6 Hour window as stated… However to my surprise Vincent had it to me in 11 minutes.
California Bankruptcy Records

CA Bankruptcy Records Ikenna E

California Bankruptcy Case Records - Ikenna E~CA
This is a great site, I was not sure about it at first but my lender told me to use them. They had my paper work in less than 20mins I was very happy. I will for sure use this site again.
Ikenana ~ CA bankruptcy county records

California Bankruptcy Records ~ Rick M.

Rick M.~ California
Wow! Far exceeded my expectations. On a Sunday, no less, I had the documents I needed for my mortgage loan. You know how difficult it is to collect documents for the underwriters? Well, this one was hanging over my head. Not any more. It’s done!
~ Rick M.~ California Bankruptcy Records


The service was excellent. It was so easy and quick. I did not have to wait for days or a month. It happened in a few hours.
Thank you for your excellent service.

Colorado bankruptcy dicharge records Maria C P


Colorado Bankruptcy Records ~ Haekum H

Colorado Bankruptcy Records ~ Haekum H ~ CO
Within 30 Minutes of order. It was really good experience.
Thanks….Haekum H.

Colorado bankruptcy records Marlyn A

Marlyn A~ CO Bankruptcy Records

They are very fast and efficient. I had my bankruptcy documents within hour.
Thank You
CO Bankruptcy Records.

Cook – Georgia Bankruptcy Discharge papers

S Cook~Georgia
Amazing,,, My mortgage company was still showing that my house was not reaffirmed in my bankruptcy from over 3 years ago! Low and behold, I find this site, I literally received my complete bankruptcy papers within 10 minutes. The end result, this amazing site and service helped me clear up this very serious matter and now my mortgages are reporting normally. Thanks soo much.

Florida Bankruptcy Records -Angela R

Florida Bankruptcy Records -Angela R ~ Florida
Angela R ~ Florida Bankruptcy Records
WOW! great service and very easy to use and quick! thanks so mucho!!!!

Florida Bankruptcy Records – J Johnson

Florida Bankruptcy Records – J Johnson ~ Florida
My request of documents in less than a half hour! Sensational! Exactly what I needed. what a pleasure to know that your website offers everything that I needed within a half hour and for such a reasonable cost. Thank you so much!!! – J Johnson ~ Florida

Florida Bankruptcy Records~ Michele B

Michele B~Florida
I got all my papers with in 1 1/2 hours. I am very pleased with the price and speed that I received everything.
Thanks so much bankruptcylive.

Florida Bankrupty Records S, Julie

S, Julie ~ Florida bankruptcy discharge records

Very prompt and efficient experience.
Thanks. S, Julie

CA Bankruptcy Records Ikenna E

This is a great site, I was not sure about it at first but my lender told me to use them. They had my paper work in less than 20mins I was very happy. I will for sure use this site again..
This is a great site, I was not sure about it at first but my lender told me to use them. They had my paper work in less than 20mins I was very happy. I will for sure use this site again.
Ikenana ~ CA

Illinois bankruptcy discharge papers – Patrick F

Patrick F~Illinois bankruptcy discharge papers
I was checking out this site for a family member. I wanted to be sure it was not a scam and was legit.
I can personally attest that the request I made, which was completed within 30 minutes was safe and secure.
I had direct interaction with a Customer Service Representative who was efficient, honest and kind.
After being a Customer Service Manager in a Contact Center for over 15 years I am stunned and impressed with the response I experienced from I will be recommending this to my family member.
Thank you – Patrick F~ IL.

Illinois bankruptcy discharge records Steve W.

Steve W.~Illinois
I am very pleased with the service I have received. At first I was skeptical since I was new to this site and never ordered a copy of my BK on line before. In the past I heard nothing but horror stories about trying to get a copy after loosing BK papers. Well I was very pleased with the ease and timing of getting my paperwork through this site. It was all that it proclaimed to be.
Thank you for your terrific service.

Illinois Bankruptcy Records~ Cheryl

It was amazingly fast and efficient! I received my copy in 5 minutes! I’m very satisfied and would HIGHLY recommend them!
Thanks Cheryl~Illinois Bankruptcy Records.

Illinois Bankruptcy Records C. Wilson

OMG… I ordered my file on a Friday evening after 7pm. I received it in less than one hour! This service is AWESOME. Fast, friendly and very professional service!
BIG Thanks and Vince!

Bankruptcy Records Illinois ~ C. Wilson~IL.

Latasha H~Arizona Bankruptcy Discharge Papers

Latasha H~Arizona Bankruptcy Discharge Papers
I had gone out of my mind and tore my home upside down to look for my discharge papers, and to no avail I couldn’t find them. I was wondering what I was going to do, because I knew I needed to show proof in order to purchase or rent a home when my credit report would be ran. I figured there’s got to be a way to get retrieve a copy of the original. So, I simply typed “Request bankruptcy discharge papers” in Google Search and the first link that popped up was for At first, I thought it was probably a scam, because they state there’s a 90% chance you get your discharge sent to you in 1 hour, but they 100% guarantee that you’ll receive it in 6 hours…including weekends…and only for $9.00!! However, I did like the fact that they didn’t ask for payment to be made directly on their website, and they only require the last 4 digits of your SSN. You pay through PayPal, and I’m familiar that company. I’m still thinking NO WAY! Somehow I had lost my discharge papers, and I was desperate to get it, so I gave it a go. Six hours later after providing very simple information and paying only $9.00, I received my discharge papers in my email inbox. I am SO HAPPY I searched and found this website. stays true to their guarantee and their claim of outstanding service.
I will recommend this site to anyone who’s needs to a copy of their discharge asap…this is the site to go to! Thank you, so much!.

Lynda C. – North Carolina Bankruptcy Records

Lynda C.~North Carolina
I was very pleased with this service. My request was sent to me in a matter of minutes. Very fast service.
Thank you!

Mike E – Orange County Florida Bankruptcy Records

Mike E~Florida

For a long while now, I’ve been worrying about how hard it was going to be to recover my discharged bankruptcy documentation. After 11 years Experian still has my records wrong. I will soon be in the market for a house and I have to get my credit history corrected.
After a short online search I found the bankruptcylive website. The fee wasn’t painful even if it didn’t work. But it DID work! In less time than Paypal could email me complete billing documentation I received my discharge documents.
Thanks guys!

M Mitnick ~ From Alabama

M Mitnick~Alabama
I ordered Complete bankruptcy file on 25th Jan. 2011 and my bankruptcy records was delivered within 30 minutes. I have to no words to describe my amazing experience with this site. I regularly shop online and I can safely admit that this has been the best and most satisfying online shopping experience I ever had.
I congratulate your team for saving my life and convey my best wishes. Keep up the WONDERFUL WORK!!!!!!!!!!!
M Mitnick~Alabama.

New York Bankruptcy Records Arthur

Arthur~New York
My order was delivered basically instantly and for less than the other companies. I had stressed myself out for hours looking for my papers not knowing I could get them this way! I wish I had known!
Thank You!

Rhode Island Bankruptcy Records ~ Deb

Rhode Island Bankruptcy Records ~ Deb ~ RI
Excellent service!! Report sent within 2 hours
~ Thank you! ~ Deb


Wilda S Ohio

Wilda S. Ohio
I could not be more pleases with how fast I got the report I ask for. I was suppose to have it in 1-6 hours and I had it in about 10 minutes. And this was on New Years Day..If you need Bankruptcy papers this is the place to get it.....
Wilda S. Ohio.

V Herring ~ From Indiana

V Herring ~ From Indiana
I was notified that I needed my discharge paperwork 3 days prior to closing and I could not locate them. I found this site and requested via online. I had my paperwork within a couple of hours! I would recommend this service to anyone. Thank you for assisting me so promptly!!
V Herring~Indiana

Bankruptcy Records - Patricia - Florida

I requested our papers and they were delivered to my inbox in just over an hour after I requested them. We are very satisfied with this site and grateful for the speed with which the request was attended to.
Patricia S. ~ Florida ~ 11/03/2015

Pennsylvania Bankruptcy Court Records

I was very skeptical about using an online service but needed documents in a hurry and did not know what else to do. It was incredible, I had my complete set of documents in less than an hour. It was definitely worth the $27.00. I would recommend this service to all of my friends and relatives and would use it again if needed. Thank you for your prompt service, I can rest easy knowing my frantic search is over.
S. M. Smith ~ Pennsylvania ~ 10/26/2015.

Bankruptcy Records California Hector

Great service and was as promised. I almost thought it was too easy to have a service like this. I am in escrow buying a home and had my Bankruptcy records in storage. The lender needed this document and thought it would take forever to obtain from the court or BK lawyer. This service literally sent me the document via email in exactly 46 minutes from the time I paid until I received the email. Couldn't ask for better service in such a timely manner. Thank you for the help.
Hector ~ California ~ 09/23/2015

Bankruptcy Records from Robert Colorado

I want to say how thankful I am that first and foremost that I found this sight, it is less expensive than other sites...I have my bankruptcy papers, but not my discharge papers that I need to have to apply for a mortgage...Thank you so much, and the prices are wow, less expensive than a lot of sights...Thank you again...
Robert ~ Colorado ~ 09/10/2015.

Bankruptcy Records - Kim J Washington

Bankruptcy Records - Kim J Washington
This company is legit, I received my documents within 15 minutes.
Great Job!!
I recommend  01/08/2014.

Bankruptcy Court Records - J Martin-New York

Bankruptcy Court Records - J Martin-New York

All I can say is WOW! When I ordered the documents, I was content to receive the items within the 6 hour time frame that was noted. However, and much to my absolute joy, I received them within an hour of placing my order!!!
What can I say except that you guys ROCK!

Thank you, thank you and THANK YOU! You made my life easier and I am grateful.
Thank you!  Today's 12/30/2013

Bankruptcy Records Ohio – T Vinci

Bankruptcy Records Ohio – T Vinci
Unbelievably fast and perfect records! I spent an hour on google and in the court website looking for copies and was completely lost and unsuccessful. Then 20 minutes after ordering from you, I had a perfect copy sent to my email! Thank you!
T Vinci~Ohio 09/20/2011.

Bankruptcy Records North Carolina – Lonnie D

Lonnie D~North Carolina

Oh my Gosh!!! It would have cost me more than the $9.00 in gas to drive to my attorney’s office to pick up a copy. I received my report in less than 30 minutes. Order with confidence from this site.
Thanks ~ Lonie D – 09/13/2011

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