Arizona Bankruptcy Records - Scott E - Arizona

Arizona Bankruptcy Records - Scott E - Arizona - 02/13/2014

I originally submitted my request for documents using an electronic check through PayPal. Philip e-mailed me and let me know that based on my method of payment, the documents would not be received until the check cleared. He suggested that I revise the payment method to Debit Card so that the documents could be received sooner.

I changed the payment method and received the documents within 15 minutes.

Your website was easy to navigate, the fees were reasonable, and the customer service provided by Philip was outstanding.

Thank you!  Philip.

Latasha H~Arizona Bankruptcy Discharge Papers

Latasha H~Arizona Bankruptcy Discharge Papers
I had gone out of my mind and tore my home upside down to look for my discharge papers, and to no avail I couldn’t find them. I was wondering what I was going to do, because I knew I needed to show proof in order to purchase or rent a home when my credit report would be ran. I figured there’s got to be a way to get retrieve a copy of the original. So, I simply typed “Request bankruptcy discharge papers” in Google Search and the first link that popped up was for At first, I thought it was probably a scam, because they state there’s a 90% chance you get your discharge sent to you in 1 hour, but they 100% guarantee that you’ll receive it in 6 hours…including weekends…and only for $9.00!! However, I did like the fact that they didn’t ask for payment to be made directly on their website, and they only require the last 4 digits of your SSN. You pay through PayPal, and I’m familiar that company. I’m still thinking NO WAY! Somehow I had lost my discharge papers, and I was desperate to get it, so I gave it a go. Six hours later after providing very simple information and paying only $9.00, I received my discharge papers in my email inbox. I am SO HAPPY I searched and found this website. stays true to their guarantee and their claim of outstanding service.

I will recommend this site to anyone who’s needs to a copy of their discharge asap…this is the site to go to! Thank you, so much!

Arizona bankruptcy records T Hillstrom

I would like to thank for the wonderful service they provide. I have been trying to obtain a copy of my bankruptcy file on and off for the past 2 years. Every lead led me nowhere fast. Calling the courthouses was futile, frustrating and exhausting. Finally an attorney told me about and I had my WHOLE file in less than an hour! I couldn’t believe it. And right in the comfort of my home. THANK YOU BANKRUPTCYLIVE.COM!!!

Arizona bankruptcy records ~ T Hillstrom


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